Biohack Your Way to Better Sleep

How can I get a better night’s sleep?

When was the last time you woke up feeling fully refreshed and ready to conquer the day… Oh you can’t remember? Don’t worry your not alone.

Millions of people around the word struggle with getting a good nights sleep, and in this day and age its hardly surprising with the amount of stimulants that are at our fingertips, from mobile phones, laptops, and good old Netflix, getting a decent sleep can be hard work in itself. The lack of sleep can not only make you feel like s**t but can also cause some serious health problems.

Side effects of not getting enough sleep.

  • Negative effect on Hormones
  • Poor exercise performance
  • Brain function and productivity
  • Weight gain
  • emotional balance
  • Can Lead to Serious Health Problems
  • Lack of Sleep Kills Sex Drive

On the plus side, the benifits of a good night sleep are:

  • helps reduce stress
  • can improve your brain health
  • can lower your blood pressure
  • Support your immune system
  • Can aid In your weight loss
  • Sleep puts you in a better mood
  • Sleep could reduce your chances of diabetes
  • helps keep your heart healthy

Ok so the good news is, with a few simple tricks and tactics, we can get your biohacking your sleep in no time! Follow these tips and get ready to knock out some serious Zeds!

Reduce Blue Light Exposure in the Evening

During the day exposure to blue light Is beneficial, but nighttime light exposure has the opposite effect. This is due to its impact on your circadian rhythm, which can trick your brain into thinking it is still daytime. Effects of this can reduces hormones like melatonin, which help you relax and get Into a deep sleep.

Blue light during the night usually comes from electronic devices like Tablets, smartphones and computers, these all emit a large amount of blue light which keeps your brain active and awake (no good for when your trying to sleep, obviously).

Not to worry, there are several way you can help reduce the Intake of blue light during the evening, such as…

  • Wear blue light blocking glasses
  • Download blue light blocking apps on your computer, such as f.lux (free download).
  • Turn off blue light on your Phone or download a blue light app from your app store.
  • Stop watching TV and try reading before bed.

We recommend ANRRI Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Practise Meditation

If its a racing mind that you just can’t seem to switch off, keeping you awake at night, meditation may just be the solution you need. Meditation has been practiced for centuries, and has some serious benefits, helping to control the mind body and spirit, enabling you to live in an optimal state. Think of it like exercise for the brain, which over time will make the brain stronger. Remember.. Strong body, strong mind, strong life!

Finding the time to meditate daily can be quite difficult in our hectic lifestyle, so people have looked to technology for help.

Binaural beats are a fascinating and exciting technology, they create the same brainwave pattern that one would experience during meditation, helping you to move you into a state of deep relaxation, and allowing you to sleep better. Think of Binaural beats as biohacking for meditation. Click here to find out more about Binaural beats

Eliminate Sleep Apnea

Many individuals are mildly affected by snoring during sleep. For some people, however, snoring can indicate the presence of a more-serious medical condition with additional complications. If your snoring is chronic and involves choking episodes, you are most likely suffering from obstructive sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea is a serious sleep disorder that is created by obstruction from enlarged throat tissue, tonsils, and adenoids. These enlarged structures block upper airway passages during sleep, making breathing labored and difficult. Noisy and persistent snoring is a common sign of obstructive sleep apnea. Pauses of breathing often punctuate snoring in those with this condition, and choking or gasping usually follows these pauses. Individuals with obstructive sleep apnea have continual shallow or irregular breathing during sleep, and may even stop breathing up to hundreds of times per night.

If you suffer from sleep apnea, luckily there are some simple exercises you can do to, these easy throat exercises defeated the most stubborn snoring and sleep-apnea.

Find out How to eliminate sleep apnea for good!

Supplements To Help Sleep

Health and nutrition plays a key role in helping you get a good nights sleep. If you are deficient in certain vitamins, that can significantly impact the quality of sleep your are getting.

Whether you want to fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, adjust to shift work, or just simply have trouble sleeping, using a natural sleep supplement before bed can work wonders in helping promote a better night’s sleep.

Best supplements for sleep

Other sleeping tips:

  • Don’t Consume Caffeine Late in the Day
  • Don’t have naps
  • Sleep and wake at the same time everyday
  • Don’t Drink Alcohol
  • Make sure your not to hot and open a window If you can
  • Don’t Eat 3-4 hours before bed
  • Take a Relaxing Bath or Shower
  • Get a Comfortable Bed, Mattress and Pillow
  • Regular Exercise
  • Don’t Drink Any Liquids 2 hours Before Bed

Final thought

If you are interested in optimal health and wellbeing, then you should make sleep a top priority, making sure to get between 7-8 hours per night and incorporate some of the tips above.

Let us know in the comments if any of these tips have helped.

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